Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Couple Of Things To Talk About In This One :)

I have a few things I want to point out in this blog. Because of this, I'm going to separate this blog into sections, each with their own individual title. How's that for formality? :P

Firstly, there will be the 'Thank You' section, where I have a few things to say thanks to you guys about. After, there's the 'Wow, I can't believe that happened, it totally came out of nowhere!' section (yes, I'm gonna use that title), where something pretty cool has happened, and I want to share it with you guys. Lastly, there's the last section, which you'll have to wait and find out what it's called later in this post, because I'm evil like that. ;)

Thank You

I just want to say thank you to all of you who have checked out my stuff so far. There have been slight delays in getting my third track ready, so thanks to those of you who are sticking with me. Quite recently, there was a period of time where my twitter followers dropped by just a couple of followers. However, in the past few days, that number has shot back up again quicker than I'd ever expect. If you are new here, thanks for checking me out, and I hope you stick with me and follow me on my journey towards being able to share my music with everyone. :)

That's what this is about. I don't want to do it for fame, I'm doing it because I love it. Yes, at the moment, there are things that are halting my progress, but I'm trying to work around this, and some of you understand this, which is great. Thank you.

Wow, I can't believe that happened, it totally came out of nowhere!
(Told you I'd use that title ;) )

If you have read a previous blog and/or follow my twitter, you would know that my tracks have been listened to by a member of BBC Radio West Midlands. It was amazing when I found that out, I couldn't believe it. Even if they won't play it on their BBC Introducing show, at least more people have listened to it.

What I totally didn't expect to happen is that, a couple of days ago, a second BBC Radio West Midlands staff member would listen to my tracks too! I saw the email, and I was so happy, it was unbelievable. Maybe, just maybe, this may be a sign that my track may get played soon. I'm being optimistic, I know. I don't mind if my tracks aren't played. I'm happy enough that someone else from that radio has listened to them. It makes me really happy. :D

My Next Track May Be Available To Purchase

If any of you like my music enough to want to buy it, my third track may be available to purchase on a website called Bandcamp once it's finished. I don't know how much it will cost, but it will not be much at all, trust me. I hope that this gets positive feedback. I will give you all more details when the time comes.

That's it for today. I will start doing these more when I get the week off college that is coming up. I want to connect with you guys more, so that is what will happen.

If you haven't already, check out my social media places! A new subscriber on YouTube or a new follower on Twitter would be amazing. It's simple, quick and free to do, so make sure you do that if you want to stay up to date! Also, you can become a follower on SoundCloud! I may do exclusive stuff there, so make sure to keep an eye out there too! Links are below. Lastly, check out my latest track on YouTube if you haven't already. It's called File Corrupt, and if you liked my first track, I'm pretty sure you will like this one!

Have a great day guys!