Monday, 7 April 2014

Exciting News + Extra Information

From the title of this post, you are probably expecting to read something exciting. Well, I hope you aren't dissapointed;

My first official track is going to be released very soon!! :D

I finished it earlier today, and I'm very proud of it. It's pretty good considering my lack of experience compared to other music producers. The track, known as 'Bass Ambush', will be released very soon, hopefully by the end of this week!

"But L:A:B, where will I be able to find this track?"

Good question, readers. 

I also have some social media profiles/links set up! The links to these sites and sources will be at the bottom of this post, and will be at the bottom of every future post, just in case you want to access them at the end of a post. You're welcome. ;)

The links at the bottom will be links to my Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud pages. These look empty at the moment, and by that, I mean that there will be a lack of content, images, posts, etc. As time goes on, these will start to fill up with content, so keep an eye on these pages!

Now, for a bit of a casual talk. :)

Something that I don't think I mentioned in my introductory post is that I am a massive gamer. I also love watching gaming channels on YouTube. As I'm typing this on one side of my screen, I'm also watching NerdCubed's Father and Son-Days - Towerfall Ascension on the other side of my screen at the same time (thank you, Microsoft, for window multitasking!). NerdCubed is easily one of my favourite YouTubers out there, along with Markiplier and Pewdiepie. I know that a lot of Pewdiepie's fans are weird people who won't stop talking about him. I'm not one of those people, so don't worry. I'm just a casual bro who likes watching his videos. I have played many Xbox 360 games, and own quite a few, but lately I have turned to PC gaming. It just seems more fun sometimes on PC, and I don't know why...

Back to YouTube though, NerdCubed is one of the best gaming YouTubers around. I really like him because of his personality and silly humour. He can also be very smart though, and that's probably why I like watching his videos. 

Well, that's it for today. If you've read through all of this, let me know two things as a comment below;

1: Are you excited for my first official track, Bass Ambush?
2: Who is your favourite YouTuber and why?

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your opinions. Also, as promised, here are the social media links to stay updated with any upcoming news;


(Remember, there is a lack of content on these pages at the moment. As time goes on, more content will be added, so keep your eyes peeled!)

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