Saturday, 5 April 2014

Yeah, I need to find some blog lessons online somewhere...

I have realised, after reading over my first post over again, that my blogging skills may need a bit of work. There were a few things that were all over the place. But hopefully, they will get better.

I have worked some more on my bass-heavy track I mentioned before. Not too much progress has been made, but I have been trying to find what different bass notes go with each other. It's going pretty well overall. There are still a lot more things that need to be added, but approaching the task one small step at a time seems to work just fine. 

I'm really enjoying it. Maybe I may not be making crazy amounts of progress, but at least I'm slowly teaching myself new things, so that's a positive point!

Today, I've had a lot of time to think od where my love for music actually came from initially. I remember that it was my oldest brother (of 3 brothers in total) that introduced me to rock music. Yes, I was listening to generic music before that, but that was just random pieces of music that were on the music channels my mother used to have on all of the time. The kinds of bands I was introduced to were bands like Slipknot, Bullet for my Valentine, Trivium, Evanescence, etc. I very soon found out afterwards that this was the type of music that I would love for a while. I listened mainly to this type of music for many years, and even moved myself on to more heavy metal/screamo bands as time went by. Within the past year or so, I have started to also get into music along the likes of Skrillex and Avicii to Rudimental and other artists like that. I like most types of music. I even love Irish/tap dancing like crazy, but that story is for another day (Riverdance FTW!). 

I have liked music for a long time; that's something I can obviously tell about myself.I have a feeling that I will be this way for a very long time.

I am aware that this was a short post, but I just wanted to quickly talk about what genre of music I first really got into. Hopefully, better posts will be coming up. Also, they may be of a better quality! Until then, thanks for reading! :D

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