Thursday, 10 April 2014

I'm Actually Surprised

First of all, let me apologise for how late this blog post is. I was meant to do another post last night shortly after the Quick Update, but I lost track of time. Sorry about that.


With my first track released on YouTube with hardly no followers on Twitter, a few pageviewers on this blog, and no previous subscribers, I'm surprised at the 25 views it has. I didn't expect it to be viewed that much, to be honest. I thought I would only get about 3 views. I've even received two likes so far, as well as two subscribers. That's pretty amazing for my first song with not much advertising for it at all. I'm actually surprised, but in a good way. Thank you guys so much for the views, and I hope that you will enjoy my second track when it comes out. That's not for a little while yet, but I know you guys will enjoy it when it comes out. ;)

I've been trying to listen to other music tracks for inspiration while I've been working on mine. There's a certain Youtuber who is a rapper, and his music is excellent. His channel is called Iniquity Rhymes, if you want to go and check him out. He has a meaning behind the songs he does, and they are just amazing. The beats behind some of them too are just amazing. One song of his I particularly like is a song called 'Up In Flames'. It was a song he released to celebrate 50,000 subscribers on his channel. He currently has 85,565 by the time I write this post, but personally, I think he should have more. If you guys haven't checked him out yet, make sure you do. It will be worth your time.

Thanks for reading. Remember, if you liked my first track, please feel free to share it with others, it would be greatly appreciated! If you haven't checked out Bass Ambush yet, links are below. For now though, have a great day everyone!


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